Bellco eNews::November 2013


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Holiday CENTsibility 
It’s not too early, or too late, to create a budget for your holiday expenditures, and Bellco is here to help you achieve your goals. We provide a variety of tools and resources on our website starting with the basics of financial responsibility and budgeting. Planning for your holiday spending now can save you from financial burdens and worries down the road, so check out the “Educate Yourself” section of our site and get started today!

There is no shortage of information and resources online to assist you in your financial goals, and there are also numerous ways to help you maintain the bottom line while shopping for gifts. If you haven’t already, join Groupon or LivingSocial to begin receiving daily e-mail notifications about deals and sales on a wide variety of goods and services. offers up daily deals on a wide variety of products, often at rock-bottom prices; keep an eye on it and you might happen upon the perfect gift for that special someone.

For specific items, Google’s Product Search will provide up-to-the-minute price comparisons from a multitude of merchants, ensuring that you can find items at the best possible price. is in the same vein, which aggregates products by category, brand and stores, making it easy to find the product you are looking for at great prices.

While bargains and deals are found handily online, it is important to support your local economy as well. Locally-owned businesses are essential to a thriving economy and often provide access to unique merchandise not found anywhere else. Visit to search for local businesses and local deals near you.

The holidays are a great time to introduce kids to money management, and the money they might receive as a gift is the perfect opportunity to teach them about financial responsibility. Bellco Youth Accounts are an assortment of great products to get kids started on their savings and financial education. In conjunction with their new savings account, kids can play Coindexter, where they visit Econopolis to learn how to earn, save, manage and spend money in a safe, online virtual world.

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